June 5 - June 8th - Early Dismissal - K-12 at 12:00pm - - - Last day for students June 8 - - -

Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy

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AACPA Mission Statement

Mission: Defined by educational excellence, the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy will prepare students from under-served communities to excel and graduate from colleges and universities in order to succeed in a global society.


Goal: Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy will educate students at each grade level to meet the subsequent grade level's requirement of college readiness.


Motto:      Veritas intra nos, Veritas extra nos

(Truth inside of us, Truth outside of us)



Code of Respect

The essence of good discipline is respect.

Respect for authority and respect for others;

Respect for self and respect for rules.

It is an attitude that begins at home,

Is reinforced in school,

and is applied throughout life.


Respect for authority is shown by . . .

Listening carefully and quietly,

Being on time, prepared, and ready to learn.

Accepting personal responsibility for your actions.


Respect for others is shown by . . .

Communicating in a polite, supportive and friendly manner,

Taking into account the needs and feelings of others as well as your own.

Allowing others to enjoy their personal space and property.


Respect for self is shown by . . .

Using proper dress and language.

Behaving safely.

Keeping your word.


Respect for rules is shown by . . .

Obeying the policies of Agassi Prep and individual classrooms.

Considering the spirit of a rule in making decisions.

Realizing that different situations create different expectations.