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Read by Grade Three (SB 391)

Attention Parents/Guardians of Students in Kindergarten through Third Grade:

This document will provide you with the information needed to understand the new Nevada Senate
Bill 391
(SB 391), what the school is required to do to be in compliance, and how it will impact your
child. Nevada’s
Read by Grade Three Act aims to improve the literacy skills of all kindergarten through
third grade students enrolled in Nevada’s public schools. This law specifically aims to equip our youngest
learners with the foundational reading skills vital for school success. Our ultimate goal is to close the
achievement gap and ensure all students are reading on grade level before they promote to the next grade.

In addition, the SB 391 law requires a school literacy team (comprised of teachers and administrators)
to identify which students are below grade level in reading proficiency within the first 30 days of school.

This school year, all parents/guardians of a child who has been identified as a struggling reader will be
notified on or before September
13, 2016.

SB 391 requires that extra services be provided for students identified as struggling readers. The impact on students
who are identified is
in accordance with the law and will include:

  • In-class small group instruction intervention
  • Individualized reading plans to monitor progress
  • Regular testing to monitor growth and/or deficits
  • Possible before/after school tutoring
  • Retention at the year’s end if adequate growth is not attained

Thank you for being a partner in your child’s education! For your reference, a list of commonly asked questions
and answers is attached below in English and Spanish. In addition, we have included suggested reading strategies
for you to begin using at home with your child. If you have any additional questions, please contact a member of
elementary administration.