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Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy

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College Trips
Fifth (5th) graders take a college trip each year to develop a college-going mind frame early in their academic careers. In the past, students have visited colleges in Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles, CA, and most recently, students are visiting colleges in Washington DC.

Accelerated Reader Reading Incentive Program
To increase students’ reading comprehension skills, the Accelerated Reader program was implemented at the elementary school. Students read books at their individual levels and then take AR quizzes that test their comprehension of the book. Points are awarded based on the number of questions answered correctly. Students can redeem prizes for the amount of points they earn and classes also compete for the AR Class of the Quarter.

Financial Literacy Program
Fifth (5th) graders took part in a Financial Literacy Program where local business representatives helped students understand the realities of being financially literate. Students created their own business, developed a business plan, interviewed for various positions within a company, and then worked to sell their products.

Student of the Month Awards Assemblies
Throughout the school we present a different character each month for students to model. These awards are given out to students who have exemplified the given character trait for that month. Assemblies are held every other month along with our Parent Information meetings (PIM).

Quarterly Awards Assemblies
Students who make A or A/B Honor Roll are given recognition at the end of each quarter at the awards ceremony.

Service Learning
Elementary students participate in Service Learning Projects as a class. Their goal is to complete 10 hours of Community Service projects each year