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Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy

Athletic Program Policies

Athletic Program Policies


Agassi Prep recognizes the connection between academics and athletics. Young men and women develop a sense of pride in their accomplishments in the classroom and on the field and courts of competition. Fostering the critical link between success in academics and athletics remains a focal point in our philosophy. We believe that the student athletes must meet the expectations of a rigorous curriculum before they can realize success as a student athlete. We are here to support these endeavors and afford each student athlete every opportunity to succeed in the pursuit of attaining his or her goals.


Sports Teams

The following sports programs are offered for the 2016-2017 school year:

• Boys Football (HS Tackle)
• Flag Football (MS)
• Girls Volleyball (HS)

• Boys & Girls Basketball (HS & MS)

• Girls Softball (HS)
• Boys & Girls Track & Field (HS)

Cheerleading and Spirit Squad
Students may participate in the 9-12th grade Cheer Squad. The cheer program at Agassi Prep emphasizes cooperation, teamwork, and consistent positive and supportive behavior to demonstrate the spirit and integrity of the Agassi Prep community. Participants in all forms of cheerleading may be involved in competitions and attend special events as arranged by the Athletic Director.
Athletic Organizations

High school student athletes compete in NIAA Division III. If you have any questions or concerns regarding athletic programs, please direct them to the Athletic Director.

Middle School student athletes will be playing in the Red Rock League.
The Elementary student athletes will be competing locally with schools in basketball. For questions or concerns regarding these athletic programs, please direct them to the Athletic Director.
A separate Athletic Handbook will be issued to all student athletes that will address policies specific to each athletic program.
Amateur Athletic Rules

Amateur athletic rules are in effect from a student’s first day in the ninth grade through the last day of athletic competition in the twelfth grade, during school and non-school time and when school is not in session. The amateur rules prohibit students from accepting money or other valuable consideration for allowing their name to be used to promote a product, plan, or service or for teaching or participating in a league-sponsored sport They also prohibit students from accepting money or other valuable consideration from school booster clubs for any non-school purpose. Valuable consideration includes anything wearable, usable or salable, (e.g. shirts food coupons, free or reduced rate tennis racquets, etc.). Student athletes may accept certificates, medals trophies, or other symbolic awards for participating in athletic contests


Educational and Personal Benefits in Athletic Participation

• Develop self-discipline
• Learn to endure and persist
• Learn to deal with losses and wins in a positive way
• Learn how to prepare mentally and physically for practice and games
• Learn your strengths and weaknesses
• Develop time management skills
• Learn to stretch your limits
• Learn to commit
• Learn to finish what you have begun (no quitting)
• Develop leadership skills
• Develop healthy ways of dealing with stress
• Explore physical conditioning
• Learn to accept appropriate constructive criticism

Moral and Ethical Values

Certain standards are necessary for the integrity and reputation of any organization. Participation as an Agassi Star is a privilege which carries with it responsibilities to the school, to the activity, to the student body and to the community. Therefore, there are many expectations and standards to which athletes will be held. Some of these include, but are not limited to class attendance, behavior, academic standards, and moral expectations on and off campus.


Students must abide by the rules presented in the student handbook or face disciplinary action determined by the administration.


A student is expected to be at all practices and games unless he/she has made arrangements for the absence (for academic, medical, or familial reasons) with the coach, at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled event.


A missed practice will result in loss of playing time during games or no playing time at all in a game at the discretion of the coach.


A student may ride home with his/her parents after an “AWAY” game with prior notice given to the coach before departing from the school.


If a student is riding home with someone else’s parents/guardians, the parent/guardian must come to the school and sign a Student Release Form to ride home with the parent. A copy will be forwarded to the coach and a copy will be retained by the Athletic Director.


If the student will travel home with someone other than the parent/guardian, then both parties will need to come to school and complete the form.

Students are encouraged to do their homework while traveling to a game or while other games are being played prior to and after their game. It should be understood that coaches might have their players do some mental preparation as part of their pre-game warm-up.


Unless the Athletic Director or Coaches have made food arrangements, students should bring food to take care of his/her nutritional needs on game days.

Agassi Athletics Code of Ethics


As an athlete, I understand that it is my responsibility to abide by the following:

• Place academic achievement as the highest priority.
• Display good sportsmanship and exhibit fair play and proper conduct on and off the playing field.
• Make smart choices and refrain from using all chemical substances such as alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs.
• Show respect for teammates, opponents, officials and coaches.
• Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials.
• Refrain from the use of profanity, vulgarity and other offensive language or gestures.
• Return all athletic equipment clean and on time. The athlete is held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged equipment. A late fee will be assessed on items returned past the published deadline. A replacement fee will be assessed based on replacement costs for all items not returned.
• Attend all scheduled practices and games. In the event of an emergency situation prohibiting my attendance, I will communicate this information to my coach in the manner prescribed by him/her. I understand that failure to attend a practice may result in reduced game playing time.
• Notify my coach before the trip or have my parents talk to the coach before the team departs to the game, if I have traveled with the team to a game, but will not be returning with the team.
• Attend school for one half day as a requirement for participation in the game that day/evening.
• Follow all school disciplinary rules as described in the school handbook.
• Win with character; lose with dignity.

Responsibilities of the Student Athlete


Being a member of The Agassi Stars athletic program is an honor and privilege which carries with it certain standards and responsibilities that must be maintained. Building an athletic tradition that students, parents and staff can be proud of takes hard work on the part of all involved over many years. It is now your role to help build tradition and pride.

1. Responsibilities to yourself: The most important of these responsibilities is to broaden yourself and develop strength of character. There are many important life-long character traits that can be developed through participation in athletics and many life lessons to be learned as you compete.You owe it to yourself to obtain the most from your school experiences, academics, other extracurricular activities and sports.

2. Responsibilities to your school: Another responsibility you assume as a team member is to your school. Agassi Prep cannot build and maintain its position as an outstanding school unless you do
your best in whatever activity you engage. By participating in athletics to the maximum of your ability, you are positively contributing to the reputation of your school.You assume a leadership role when you are on the athletic team. The student body and citizens of the community know you and are watching you.The student body, the school community and other communities judge our school by your conduct and attitude.You contribute greatly to school spirit and community pride.

3. Responsibilities to your coaches: Many hours of time and effort go into the planning and orchestrating of athletic teams.The coaches play a major role seeking to ensure a successful athletic season. Be on time to practices and games.Take care of the equipment issued to you by the coaches Communicate responsibly and respectfully with the coaches. Know that the coaches have made a commitment to you and the team. Support the coaches and your teammates.

4. Responsibilities to your teammates and to others: Other students are watching you.They are emulating you in many ways. Set good examples for them. Do not physically or psychologically
intimidate any fellow athlete or student. Be a great teammate.

Academic Standards Of Agassi Prep


1. If, pursuant to the provisions of NAC 386.803, a school adopts the requirements for academic eligibility set forth in this section, each pupil who participates in a sanctioned sport at a school must maintain a grade point average of at least 2.5 based on a 4.0 grading system during the immediately preceding semester. Once a pupil has established eligibility, if a pupil does not maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average at the end of the quarter (1st and 3rd), then the pupil will have the next three weeks to raise the grade point average. If it is not met, then the pupil will become ineligible for the remainder of the grading period. A pupil who fails to maintain such a grade point average for that semester is ineligible to participate in a sanctioned sport until his or her grades are reviewed for the grading period for the first 9 weeks of the semester that is conducted immediately after that semester.

2. For the purposes of this section, the academic eligibility of a pupil must be determined on the day immediately when grades become available for the semester.

3. If the grade point average of a pupil is less than 2.5 at the end of a semester and after the school conducts a 9-week review pursuant to subsection 1, the pupil is ineligible to participate in a sanctioned sport for the remainder of the semester.

4. A pupil who receives an incomplete grade at the end of a semester must make up the grade within 3 weeks beginning on the date on which the grades are recorded for the grading period, as determined by the teacher who issued the incomplete grade, if the pupil has passed at least two units of credit and has earned a grade point average of not less than 2.5. Within 3 weeks after the grades are recorded for a grading period, a permanent grade for the pupil must be issued and used to determine the pupil’s grade point average. An incomplete grade must not be calculated in the grade point average of the pupil to determine academic eligibility pursuant to this section until the permanent grade is recorded for the class for which he or she received an incomplete grade.


During the season, the athletes will have grade eligibility reports every week. However, teachers are expected to give the Athletic Director (or Elementary School Principal for 4th and 5th graders) weekly grade reports if any athlete is in danger earning at least one F in any subject. An athlete will be eligible to participate each week unless the progress report indicates the athlete is failing in one or more classes. If the grade reports identify an athlete as ineligible, the athlete will be ineligible in all athletic contests during the following week until progress reports are reviewed again.

If the next grade report indicates that the athlete now meets eligibility standards, the athlete will be allowed to participate in the following week’s games. During the time an athlete is declared ineligible, that athlete is expected to attend tutoring sessions as deemed appropriate by the Athletic Director.


Behavior Standards

Agassi Prep established a Code of Respect to ensure that our students proudly represent Agassi Prep wherever their endeavors may lead. Respect is shown for authority, for others, for self, and for the rules, whether at home, in school, and in the public venues. We expect that our student athletes will uphold these tenets. However, if an athlete’s actions, attitudes or behaviors are such that disciplinary action is necessary to correct the behavior, participation in the week’s athletic games may be denied.The final decision on whether or not the student athlete may participate rests with the Athletic Director and/or Principal.

After-school detention or assigned tutoring takes priority over practice. Student athletes will not skip detentions nor required tutoring sessions to attend a practice/game. If detention or tutoring is assigned on a game day, the student athlete must serve detention or assigned tutoring sessions.

We firmly believe that all student athletes embrace the expectations placed upon them. Their desire to represent the academy in competition is their commitment to excellence as they recognize academics as the road to successful athletic endeavors. We offer our continued support to all student athletes.

Tardy Policy

Agassi Prep recognizes the problem of student/athlete tardiness to class as a serious disruption of the educational atmosphere of our school. The distractions caused by students/athletes arriving late to class are unfair to the teacher and are an infringement on the educational rights of other students. Certain elements of instructional activity and learning are irrevocably missed when students arrive late to class.This burden hinders the teachers’ effectiveness in teaching all of their students. Tardiness at Agassi Prep is unacceptable and the student/athlete who is continually tardy to school could be suspended from participating in the next regularly scheduled contest or removed from the athletic team in season.

Athletic Events

Whether on or off the Agassi Prep campus, student athletes and spectators are expected to conduct themselves with good sportsmanship. Student-athletes must consistently show hard work, discipline, respect, and good character, both on and off the field.


Expectations of Players


Coaches expect players to abide by the following:

• Be on time for practices and games
• Be at all practices, games, and meetings
• Be academically eligible
• Be committed for the season
• Be “coachable” (i.e., players listen, focus during practice, implement what the coach wants, and give 100%)
• Work on the sport during the off season
• Talk to the coach if there is a problem
• Let the coach know 24 hours in advance if an appointment that will interfere with the player’s practice or game
• Treat each other and the coach with respect
• Trust the coach’s experience, knowledge of the game, and the ability to make decisions in the best interests of the team

Expectations of Parents

Coaches expect parents to abide by the following:

• To get their children to practices and games on time
• To leave coaching decisions up to the coach (e.g. positions, strategy, playing time, etc.)
• To voice concerns by setting up an appointment that is convenient for both parties to discuss the concern (not during or after practices or games)
• To exercise good sportsmanship
• To know that coaches sometimes make mistakes, but that they are working hard for the success of the team and the individuals on that team
• To encourage their children to talk to the coach first if they have a problem
• To support the coach’s techniques, drills, expectations and directives when the child complains
Repeated lateness in picking up your child from games or practices will result in your child losing the privilege of playing on the team or being dismissed.

Expectations of Coaches

Athletes expect coaches to:

• Make it fun
• Lead and motivate players to bring out the best in themselves
• Model the behaviors they expect
• Respect their players and expect respect from the players
• Teach fundamentals, strategies, game and practice preparation
• Refrain from showing anger to players
• Be openly available to talk about the sport or any problem, success or situation
• Care about students beyond the sport
• Help make the season rewarding and fulfilling no matter the record
• Communicate clearly what is necessary for athletes to improve

Expectations of Coaches

Parents expect coaches:

• To provide information: Practice schedules, team rosters, game schedules, directions to games, rules, concerns about their

son/daughter, needs, arrival times back from games, etc.
• To understand coaching decisions
• To provide a safe environment
• To promote good sportsmanship, reinforce a zero tolerance substance abuse message to the children, and to develop healthy relationships between players
• To be positive with the athletes and to help build confident children
• To treat athletes as though they were their own children
• To be the adult and set a good example for the athletes

After Game / Season Ending Team Parties / Transporting Students


After game or season ending parties are to be held at public restaurants or at Agassi Prep. Team parties are not to be held at a private home (of a coach or parent).


Coaches, faculty, and staff are prohibited from driving students to practice, games, or home in their person vehicles.

Violation of Training Rules

Athletes who violate these rules must meet with the Athletic Director and Head Coach for disciplinary action after each offense.Agassi Athletics does not tolerate violation of these rules.

Grievance Policy

When problems or issues arise, the following are to be contacted by the student or parent in this order:

1. Coach within 24 hours
2. Athletic Director
3. Principal