June 5 - June 8th - Early Dismissal - K-12 at 12:00pm - - - Last day for students June 8 - - -

Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy

Agassi Girl Power




Our Vision
A society where adolescent girls are given the tools they need to pursue their dreams, build social skills, and are inspired to become responsible, contributing members of society at a young age.


Our Mission

The mission of Girl Power is to serve a diverse population of pre-teen & teen girls by providing positive social experiences, life skills and character building training, leadership training & opportunities, and professional mentoring relationships as well as cultural exposure.


Our Goals

Our goal is to provide a safe, culturally diverse, positive atmosphere for the girls who participate in the Girl Power Club, by enriching and empowering our girls through the following:

  • by promoting "smart, strong, self-confident pre-teen/teen girls",
  • by promoting positive self-esteem,
  • by choosing healthy lifestyles through eating, exercise,
  • by handling peer-pressure/relational aggression,
  • by role-modeling,
  • by teaching social etiquette,
  • by teaching the basic of business, entrepreneurship, and money management,
  • by training them in leadership skills and team building,
  • by working with community organizations in the area we serve,
  • by applauding their achievements.
  • by club leaders planning, implementing, expanding, coordinating, and evaluating the Girl Power Program.

We are encouraging successful girls who are